Attractive Japan Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Application of rules)

The terms and conditions of Regional Branding Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) apply to all the users; both registered and non-registered (hereinafter referred to as “user”) who use website ‘Attractive JAPAN’ (hereinafter referred to as “Website”). Users of Website shall obey regulations stated below. The terms and conditions may change arbitrarily without notifications to users in advance. Changes made by Company, unless Company states otherwise, will apply when they are shown on the screen on Website. By using Website, changes made apply to all the users and they are considered to have agreed on changes.

Article 2 (Definition of our service)

Through Website, Company service allows users to make bookings online for plans and other related service provided by operators. Users, by following Article 4, are able to make bookings provided by operators on Website.

Article 3 (Information regarding operators)

Company is responsible for information of service, price, booking dates, cancellation policy and other information necessary for booking shown on Website (hereinafter referred to as “booking related information”). Company also governs information concerning operators who provide service on Website, however, Company does not assume any responsibility regarding the service itself provided by operators unless any miscommunication is caused by Company’s fault.

Article 4 (Completion of booking, formation of contracts for trips)

Company, following the terms and conditions, purchase service from operators and at the same time sell them to users when booking requests are made through Website. Company forwards these booking requests to operators. Booking will be completed as soon as operators confirm it, and ‘Booking confirmation email’ will be sent to user’s registered email address with user’s booking reference number attached. Service will be valid upon display of user’s reference number or booking details, either printed or on the PC screen. When booking contract is confirmed between operators and users, Company considers that users have agreed to the cancellation policy set by each operators respectively. In regard to booking made by under-aged users, they should proceed their booking with a consensus from their legal protector such as parents. In case Company finds users to have falsified their age or made booking without a consensus from their protector, Company will not assume any responsibilities for the loss that might be caused. In regard to open tickets’ receipts from operators, users may check operators’ business hours by visiting their websites beforehand. Company will not assume any responsibilities for the damages caused due to users’ visits to operators’ offices during non-business hours and dates.

Article 5 (Payment of service)

Users shall make a payment in a booking process with credit card authorized by Website.

Article 6 (Price of our service)

Users approve that price that operators provide for their service (hereinafter referred to as “price”) shown on Website may be different from that of other sites. Price displayed on Website include taxes and local taxes (hereinafter referred to as “taxes and others”), however, please be aware that price may not include expenses users need on the day users receive Company services. Users also approve any changes of price provided by operators. Changes only apply to users who have completed a booking subsequent to the changes, unless users have completed the booking before the change modifies their booking status.

Article 7 (Contents and quality of services provided by operators)

Company assumes no responsibility for contents and quality of services provided by operators. Any troubles between users and operators, conflicts or complaints shall be solved between operators and users and Company does not take any counteraction.

Article 8 (Cancellation by users due to personal reasons)

When users wish to cancel booking due to personal reasons, cancellation is valid until 89 days before the service date. Qualified cancellation in line with regulations will be charged 10% of price and other charges as cancellation fee. Users shall contact and inform Company and the operator who provides service as soon as users realize that they have decided not to follow the plan they booked. Users also shall follow the instruction provided by Company. If users are responsible for payment concerning cancellation, Company will refund net amount with cancellation fee ruled in the regulation and commission fee for the usage of credit card deducted:

  • 1.Cancellation of booking shall be made from Website “my page”. Cancellation will be completed when users’ booking data is deleted from Website “reservation inquiry screen”.
  • 2.By following the instruction on Website, cancellation is completed when an email confirming cancellation from Company is delivered to user’s email account.

Company and operators will have rights (including legal) to prohibit and remove usage of Website by users who have not received the service they booked. Even if they do not wish to cancel, in case users have committed illegal acts or acts Company judges as inappropriate, operator hold rights to cancel their bookings.

Article 9 (Cancellation and refund due to decisions made by operators)

In case of cancellation of bookings judged by operators due to weather conditions and other inevitable factors, operators shall refund full amount of booking expenses. However, Company does not assume responsibility for the difference in price caused owing to exchange rate’s variances.

Article 10 (Password)

Users are responsible for their password protection. They should not let third parties use, borrow, transfer, sell or buy their passwords. Any troubles caused due to conflicts between users and third parties should be solved by them, and Company won’t arbitrate conflicts between users and third parties in such cases.

Article 11 (Personal information registered to our Website)

Personal information provided by users for registering Website (hereinafter referred to as “registered information”) shall be protected and governed by the Privacy Policy of Company. Company will not provide third parties with registered information that can specify users (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”). Unless:

  • 1.There exists a consensus from users
  • 2.Operators in accordance with Privacy Policy contract Company to request necessary information.

For further information regarding privacy policy of our company, please read ‘Attractive JAPAN Privacy policy’

Article 12 (Regulations of users)

  • 1.Users should not copy, forward or unconditionally provide to third party any information accessible from Website.
  • 2.Users shall attend provided services in their own responsibility. When they wish to ask inquiry or requests, they shall directly contact operators.
  • 3.Users should meet and follow all the conditions ruled by operators
  • 4.Users should not conduct the following behaviors when using Company services:
    • ・Acting against this terms and conditions
    • ・To act against public morals or laws and regulations
    • ・To violate copyrights and property rights of Company, operators, other users as well as third parties concerned
    • ・To damage unreasonably reputation of Company, operators, other users as well as third parties concerned
    • ・To do what may be unreasonably disadvantageous to Company, operators, other users as well as third parties concerned
    • ・Not to follow Company or operators’ instructions on price of user’s booking as well as cancellation policy (Regardless of the reason)
    • ・To take actions causing operational issues to Company and its services
    • ・To Book only few activities that are planned on the same day without attending all the booked activities.
    • ・To take violent actions to operators, Company or third parties
    • ・To book with the aim of pursuing for profits such as selling booking to someone else
    • ・To undertake ID fraud and pretend to send emails or write on Website disguising someone else
    • ・To take other actions Company considers inappropriate

In case Company, operators or third parties suffer from disadvantages due to users actions specified in the above Article 12, users shall be legally responsible, and should not damage Company, operators and third parties in any ways. In accordance with Article 14, if Company cancels services provided by operators, users shall provide payment details. When users wish to make complaints, they shall do so to operators directly:

  • ・To act using other methods different from Website instructions
  • ・To send adverse software, spam mails, chain letters, junk mails and others
  • ・To register inaccurate information, whether intentional or not, about their name, mail address, phone number, credit card number and others

Article 13 (Violation of regulations by users)

In case of violation of regulations, equivalent acts or conducts by users Company judges as inappropriate, Company will automatically have rights to cancel bookings and their usage of Website, void their registration to Website and other related service, as well as take actions (including legal) to request for indemnity. Company shall contact and check with users if Company assumes that there exists a violation of regulations or equivalent actions.

Article 14 (Deleting or modification of users’ information)

Company has rights over users’ information which may be in case of the following:

  • ・Information that may violate Company’s “prohibition of users”
  • ・Information that Company regards as obviously different from truth.
  • ・Other information that Company considers as inappropriate

Article 15 (Cancellation of registration as a user)

If users fall under one of the following conditions, Company has rights to cancel registration as a user without informing to the person and without assuming any responsibilities:

  • ・If the user acts that may violate our ‘prohibition of users’
  • ・Others that violate any of the terms and conditions
  • ・Others that Company considers as inappropriate

Article 16 (Copyrights and property rights)

Contents of copyrights and property rights displayed on Website are attributed to operators, our business partners and advertisers. Users declare that they, unless written approval from Company, operators, our business partners or advertisers, should not copy, publicize, transfer, borrow, forward, approve the usage or reuse the contents.

Article 17 (Cancellation and modification of services)

The services displayed on Website may change or cancel without informing to users in advance. Accordingly, Company will not bear responsibility for users’ loss or damage due to these changes. Nevertheless, as stated above, the booking contract will be valid if the changes are made after their booking is completed.

Article 18 (Temporally suspension of our service and Website)

Company may temporarily suspend access to Website or Company service in case of the followings:

  • 1.There take place maintenances or some improvements on Website
  • 2.Emergency situations such as natural disasters and other unexpected phenomenon
  • 3.Company has decided to suspend the service for unavoidable circumstances

Article 19 (About user information)

Company may access to access log (hereinafter referred to as “user information”) for statistical data in order to improve its service. Company will not provide user information to third parties unless requested by legal institutions.

Article 20 (Exemption and jurisdiction clause)

Company shall not be responsible for conflicts caused between users and operators Company shall not carry obligation to investigate operational conditions of operators Operators are independent contract bodies and therefore Company shall not be responsible for any actions, damage, loss, default, their substituting actions, insurance, users’ injuries, death, loss of their personal belongings, terrorism and all sorts of other damages unless they derive from Company’s fault. Company shall not be responsible for delay or the services, cancellation, double booking, strikes which are caused beyond our realm of control. Company shall also not be responsible for modification, cancellation, delays, and additional fees charged by government related or legal institutions. Company shall not be accountable for any conflicts between users and operators, unless troubles are attributed to its mistakes. Company shall not, even if it is due to its fault, indemnify beyond realistic amount for users who have received our service.

Article 21 (Modification of regulations)

The terms and conditions may change arbitrarily without notifications to users in advance (Changes include deleting and adding information). Changes made by Company, unless it states otherwise, will apply when they are shown on the screen on Website. By using this Website, changes made apply to all the users and they are considered to have agreed on changes.

Article 22 (Prohibition of transferring rights and obligation)

Unless Company has approved in advance, users shall not transfer their rights and obligations as a user of Website to third parties. In case of violation of above-given declaration, Company will automatically have rights to cancel bookings and the usage of Website, deprive their registration to Website and other related service, as well as take actions (including legal) to request for indemnity.

Article 23 (Governing law and its jurisdiction)

The terms and conditions are subject to the Japanese law, and prescribed language of these terms and conditions is Japanese. The terms and conditions in other languages are secondary, and even if the interpretation is different between languages, Company prioritizes rules in Japanese. Conflicts regarding Website will be dealt at Tokyo district court and Tokyo summary court as exclusive agreement jurisdictional courts.

Article 24 (Elimination of antisocial forces)

Users declare that they are not members of antisocial forces (a member of gang groups, used to be a member less than 5 years ago, sub member of those groups, a member of corporation related to those groups, corporate racketeer, social activists and other related groups). Users also declare that they do not, and will not, in the future, conduct any illegal acts such as violence, blackmailing, fraud, obstructions to Company and other related acts. In case of violation of above-given declaration, Company will automatically have rights to cancel bookings and the usage of Website, deprive their registration to Website and other related service, as well as take actions (including legal) to request for indemnity. Additional provision This terms and conditions will be enforced as of 1st of November 2015

Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Company Name Regional Branding Institute Co.,Ltd.
Name of Operation Supervisor Hiroshi Yoshida
Website attractive JAPAN URL :
Address Aqua Tellus-UⅡ, 2-20-3 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0034, JAPAN
Sales Price The price is shown for each product. ※ If a product is fully booked, the product cannot be sold. Please understand.
Expenses Required Other Than the Sales Price Consumption tax, local consumption tax, additional charge to the options, and expenses incurred on the spot.
Payment Methods
  • 1. Credit-card payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • 2. (A prior consultation is necessary for a payment on invoice addressed to a corporation.)
Due Date for the Payment
  • 1. Credit card settlement : The date is subject to the regulation of each card company.
  • 2. (Payment on invoice : The date shall be decided separately with prior consultation.)
Returns, Exchanges, and Alterations In principle, product returns or exchange are not accepted. Alteration of the reserved product is accepted through email or from inquiry form.
Cancellation Cancellation change is prescribed with respect to each product. Please confirm it prior to reservation.
Sales Conditions If a product is fully booked, the product cannot be sold. Please understand.

Licensed by the Japan Tourism Agency in accordance with the provisions of the Travel Agency Law

Scope of Activities Domestic Travel
Travel Industry Registered Number By the governor of Tokyo : No.2-7547
Date of License 12th Apr 2018
Term of Validity From 12/4/2023 to 11/4/2028
Name Regional Branding Institute Co.,Ltd.
Business Hours From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Name of Certified Travel Services Manager Hiroshi Yoshida