Samurai Experience: Discover the Spirit of Miyamoto Musashi, the Strongest Samurai in Japan

Samurai Experience: Discover the Spirit of Miyamoto Musashi, the Strongest Samurai in Japan
  • Duration: 100 Minutes (approx.)

  • Location:Kumamoto-shi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto

    Product code:EN-KUM-7109-71090


The world-famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi is the strongest in Japan. He is said to have fought 60 times in his life and never lost. Musashi Miyamoto spent his later years in Kumamoto, and in a cave called Reigando in Kumamoto City, where he wrote the book of five rings, a collection of tactics and knowledge for winning battles by cutting off doubts and anxieties in the heart. There he also perfected his own style "Niten Ichiryu".

Learn the real samurai swordsmanship and spirituality that has been passed down for about 380 years from Matsunaga sensei, the 18th-generation master who inherited Niten Ichiryu and devoted himself to the development of Iaido. Whether you are a beginner or want to learn more about samurai culture, learn and experience the samurai culture of Kumamoto, which goes beyond just cutting something with a sword. Face yourself, set your intention, and open your heart.


  • Experience Bushid(the way of the warrior) while wearing a dogi and being taught directly by Mr. Matsunaga, the 18th head of the family who inherited the style of Niten Ichiryu from the strongest samurai in Japan, Miyamoto Musashi.
  • Enjoy matcha green tea and Japanese sweets, while learning about the spirituality of Iaido, which is not only about winning a battle, but also mastering swordsmanship to protect.
  • At the end, you will receive a samurai training completion certificate and an original tenugui hand towel with your name written on it.
  • Because the experience is held right next to Kumamoto Castle, you can enjoy the castle before or after your experience.


Please select your start time in the box on the upper right.

[00:00] Change into the Japanese dogi
[00:10] Learn about the spirituality of Iaido while drinking matcha tea in a Japanese-style room
[00:20] Sensei's performance at the dojo
[00:25] Iaido experience
[01:15] Completion certificate/photograph
[01:25] Change back to your clothing
[01:40] End


The following two points are the characteristics of Musashi Miyamoto, the founder of Niten Ichiryu, which you will experience this time.

(1) He was a samurai who focused and improved on his artistic sense. He created various works of art, believing that enhancing artistry is the most important way to hone his swordsmanship. Miyamoto Musashi's ink paintings and tsuba (metal sword guards) are stored at the Shimada Museum of Art in Kumamoto City.

(2) He mastered his own swordsmanship in order to protect his family and master. As the era changed from the Sengoku period, which was an era of war, to the Edo period, which sought peace, people lived not only to win battles, but also to master swordsmanship in order to protect and keep the peace. This style of swordsmanship and spirituality is Iaido.


  • Duration:100 minutes
  • Meeting point: Musashi building 3F
    1-6-4 Shimotori, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto, 860-0807 [MAP]
  • Access:
    ●15 minutes walk from Kumamoto Castle
    ●Take the Kumamoto City Tram (Line A, heading towards Kengunmachi) from JR Kumamoto Station. Get off at Torichosuji station and it's a 5-minute walk from there.
  • Language support:Japanese, English(additional fees apply)
  • Included:
    ・Japanese sweets
    ・Dogi rental
    ・Samurai training certificate
    ・Hand towel
  • Excluded:
    ・English-speaking guide(additional fees apply)
  • Clothes:
    When changing into martial arts attire, please remove thick jackets and similar outerwear. However, you can keep wearing T-shirts or sweatshirts, as we will arrange the dressing process accordingly.
    Therefore, we kindly request that you wear clothing that is easy to be dressed in. You can keep your pants on, but please refrain from wearing skirts or dresses, as they may restrict movement.
  • Participation requirements: 
    ・Height 150cm or more
    ・We do not accept observers-only reservations. If you wish to accompany a participant as an observer, please make a prior reservation. The fee for observers is 3,350 yen per person (includes the observation fee, tea, sweets set, and hand towel).
    ・Strollers are accessible.
    ・Not recommended for travelers with back problems.
    ・Not recommended for pregnant travelers.
    ・Not recommended for travelers with heart problems or other serious medical conditions.
  • Free wi-fi: Yes  
  • Toilet: Yes ( Western-style) 
  • Other things to note:
    ・In this tour, we will use imitation swords, but we kindly ask that you follow the instructor's safety guidelines and participate with care.
    ・While we provide tea and sweets during the experience, if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please inform us in advance and consume the provided items accordingly.
    ・This plan will be conducted in Japanese. If you need an English-speaking guide, please select from the options. (English-speaking guides cannot be arranged on the day of the experience.)
    ・An optional English-speaking guide can be reserved up to 5 days before the experience date. Thank you for your understanding.
    ・If the tour is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances, we will notify you by phone by 4:00 p.m. the day before the tour.


Until 72 hours before the experience start time: 0%
From 72 hours before the experience start time to start time: 100%
Cancellation after the experience has started or cancellation without contact: 100%